"It kills 99.9* percent of harmful germs in just 30 seconds."



"When you enter the house, make it a habit to drop cell phones, sunglasses, pacifiers, keys and even your wallet into the device. Inside, your items will be cradled in the perfect position for optimal 360-degree UV-C cleaning. Then, after 30 seconds, retrieve your sanitized items (be sure to wash your hands first!). It could be that easy to be germ free!"

- Jeanne Croteau, Forbes

".... And if you want to take your cleaning and disinfecting game to the next level, consider using an ultraviolet light sanitizer like the PureLite UV-C Sanitizer Box"

- Steven John, Business Insider

"If you're always worried about cleaning your phone, keys, glasses, and more, you need this impressive PurLite UV-C Sanitizer Box. It kills 99.9* percent of harmful germs in just 30 seconds."

- Krista Jones, Popsugar

" Sanitization is the name of the game in 2020, especially as we get into the holiday season and families are trying to visit each other. While masks and hand sanitizer are crucial for humans, sanitizing items like disinfecting wipes or other means can get tedious. The PurLite UVC Sanitizer Box makes sanitization both quick and easy."

- Bob Fekete , International Business Times

99.9% of COVID-19 Virus Dead in 30 Seconds with UV LEDs

- Tel Aviv Research via The Jerusalem Post

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