Replacement UV-C Bulbs & Film Kit 

Replacement UV-C Bulbs and Film Kit

Replacement UV-C Bulbs and Film Kit


This is the Authentic Replacement UV-C Bulb and Film kit for the PurLite device. 

 Package includes two UVC bulbs and one PurLite Exposure cartridge. 

Sold as a set only.

For detailed instructions on how to change your replacement bulb kit, please visit our FAQ section

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Chemical Free Cleaning

Harmful chemicals like bleach are potentially dangerous and can cause more harm than good! Our system is chemical free and is simple to use.

Patented UV-C Light

Our patented UV-C light sanitizing technology is trusted by medical professionals to eliminate harmful germs including Salmonella, E. Coli and Flu viruses.

Unique 360° Coverage

Unlike the competition, our unique design places your item in mid device, allowing full 360 degree coverage of disinfecting UV-C light to properly clean your items.

Power of UV-C Light

PurLite Home KILLS all the germs you pick up from school or the office! Cleaning items that are constantly exposed to germs such as your keys, mobile phone, remote control and wallet is just as important as washing your hands to stay healthy.

Just 30 seconds inside PurLite Home eliminate 99.9% of those germs, making sure you're always clean.

What Can PurLite Home Clean? 





And More!

What Press Says

"When you enter the house, make it a habit to drop cell phones, sunglasses, pacifiers, keys and even your wallet into the device. Inside, your items will be cradled in the perfect position for optimal 360-degree UV-C cleaning. Then, after 30 seconds, retrieve your sanitized items (be sure to wash your hands first!). It could be that easy to be germ free!"

- Jeanne Croteau, Forbes

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