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Even More Housekeeping Tips and Tricks

Even More Housekeeping Tips and Tricks

Welcome back to the second part of our housekeeping series of blog posts. We hope that you were able to utilize some of the tips from our first post. We have even more information to help keep your household neat and clean. Keep in mind, we are not professionals, but love to clean and have picked up tips over the years that we want to share with you. 



Before you start cleaning, put away anything that isn't where it belongs. This will save you time before you clean instead of trying to do both things at once.

Tidy Up 

Heaps of garbage, dirt and grime would be overwhelming for anyone. It is helpful to pick things up as you go. Pick up after yourself and encourage other members of your household to pitch in and help. Start with shared spaces, clear counters, put food away, use a feather duster and take a vacuum to the floor. Don’t forget the dishes in the sink. Little things at a time help manage mega loads and eliminate stress. 

Deep Cleaning

One of the most wonderful times of the year. All jokes aside this isn’t something you’ll need to do every single day. Usually you’ll need to deep clean your household once or twice a year. This is the time to really roll up your sleeves and tie your hair back. This type of cleaning is the most thorough and may take a few days, so divide your home into sections and conquer one area at a time. Clean carpets, dust elevated surfaces and wash windows and window frames. It is also the perfect time to check for mold and mildew in damp places to avoid getting sick. Don’t forget to sort through clothes in closets and giveaway clothes that no longer fit or you no longer need. Last but not least, clean those baseboards and walls. They get dirty too!

“New House” Smell

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new house. Too bad it doesn’t stay that way for long, or can it? If you use all-natural cleaning products, your place shouldn’t smell like chemicals, post-cleaning. Making your own cleaning agents at home can help with this too. Using cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda and adding some essential oils will get rid of grime while keeping your home smelling fresh and new. 

The Proper Tools 

You can’t clean a house with a toothbrush. Having the proper cleaning supplies will make your home drastically cleaner. You don’t need to have fancy supplies either.  All you really need to keep your home spotless are; quality microfiber cleaning cloths, sponges, a scrub brush, a plastic scraper, a vacuum that can clean hard floors and carpets, a microfiber feather duster and mop. 

Pet Odors

We love furry friends, but their fur and dander doesn’t necessarily love us. Use a lint roll to remove excess hair from surfaces. To remove pet odours from carpets, use a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the carpet. Cover the vinegar-soaked area with baking soda and let it dry. Sweep and vacuum up the excess soda. The mixture actually pulls the odour out, leaving your home fresh. 

Fresh Perspective

Don’t you hate it when you think you’re done cleaning, only to find a mess on the floor? It’s frustrating and disheartening to see a never ending mess of clutter. Just when you think you're done cleaning, get down on eye level and examine your home. By getting a new angle, you can see if you still have any crumbs or dust that needs to be cleaned up

Hopefully some of these tips will help you and your household keep your space clean.