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Housekeeping Tips and Tricks

Housekeeping Tips and Tricks

Keeping your home clean and organized is no simple task. However, there are plenty of amazing tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you keep your house clean and tidy. With all these tips available, we’re going to take a closer look at the problem areas within the house. These places get extra dirty and stay that way without your intervention, but we’re here to share with you some practical cleaning tips to destroy germs and keep your home tidy. 

There are likely times when cleaning is just overwhelming. It is beneficial to break your tasks up into smaller chores so that they seem more manageable. Take into account the space you will be cleaning. Start with one room at a time to separate tasks and make your chores more manageable. If this isn’t your thing then break it down more by focusing on specific tasks. Sweeping floors, dusting shelves, wiping down counters, or removing grime from bathroom surfaces are ways to separate your cleaning routine. 

Capturing Dust 

This is easier said than done. Feather dusters and rags pick up some of the dust, but most of it just settles elsewhere. Using products that attract and hold onto dust like Swiffer actually works. The same goes for cloth products that use waxes or oils to trap dust. Microfiber rags are great, they work well and can be reused over and over again. 

Polishing Surfaces 

Microfiber cloths also excel at putting the finishing touches on countertops, mirrors, and even tile and fixtures. For shining, spotless results consider the type of surface when choosing a furniture polish for the cleaning task at hand. Not all cleaners are universal. One might work great for marble counters but be terrible for wooden tables. Make sure to do your research on the type of finishes that are on your household items. This will dictate the type of cleaner you should use. 

Mopping Floors

Similar to the previous section, you can’t just mop every type of floor in your home and expect the same results. Mopping floors can prevent a buildup of grime. The art of mopping a floor is a simple process, but you can always get the job done faster. Always sweep the floors prior to mopping. This may seem redundant but is crucial to the process. Once you are prepared to mop the floors, use warm, soapy water and mop in sections. Remember to wring out the mop, this gets rid of the gross stuff. Let the floor air dry, there’s no need to wipe it down yourself. Remember to always dump your dirty water into the toilet and not the kitchen sink. 

The Bathroom

Possibly one of the germiest rooms in your home, it’s incredibly important to keep this area clean. When the time comes that you need to give your entire bathroom a makeover, we’re here to help. When cleaning your toilet bowl generously apply a toilet bowl cleaner.  Wipe down the toilet seat and handle with disinfectant wipes. Remember that toilet brushes need cleaning, too. When it comes to the tub, there's no room for mildew and mold in the place you rely on for clean hygiene. Get ahead of the grime by cleaning your tub on a regular basis

Hopefully, this tidbit of information helps you with your cleaning process. Check back here for the second part of our housekeeping series.